Traditional, neutral tiles and stone fade into the background. In 2021, stylish homes will feature tiles and panels/slabs featuring bold vibrant colors, luxe patterns and patterns, unusual textures, unique shapes, and metallic or lacquered finishes. Floor-to-ceiling cladding will be in trend.

“Ceramic tiles and stone furnishings are not only expected to be functional and durable. products must combine the use of natural elements and fashionable appearance – this is what the consumer expects.

“As a result, tile manufacturers are producing samples of products that are hard not to call small masterpieces. With products that meet such a buyer’s request, in any room, you can create a skillful and unique image of the interior that will stand the test of time.”

According to experts, here are the trends in ceramic tiles and stone finishes that will loudly make themselves known in 2021:


Attractive Color

Pale Pink Ceramic Tiles

In 2021, color will play a major role in interior decoration. Popular will be pale pink, mint green, indigo blue, forest green, burgundy and black. Brighter tones will add character to any room, while warmer pastel tones work for neutral, muted designs.

Interesting Textures, Patterns, and Finishes

Black Texture

Pseudo-cement tiles with bright patterns are gaining popularity, which will make the room visually attractive and interesting. More neutral textures will suit Mediterranean-inspired interiors or a bohemian loft. At the same time, a somewhat conservative tile with a texture in shades similar in color, which will favorably transform the appearance of a room without overloading its image, will become more in demand as floor tiles. The trend will also be glossy tiles of bright colors, whose surface seemed to have been manual, with a brush, varnished.

Dynamic Shapes

3D Effects Tiles

There is a growing interest in tiles with irregular shapes that can be used to create a fun, less austere room. Computer-generated 3D effects will evoke a play of light and shadow – such tiles will perfectly fit into futuristic interiors.

Large Tiles

Large Tiles

Large tiles will be popular in 2021 – the more the better. The new standard can be considered square tiles 120 x 120 cm and rectangular tiles 60 x 120 cm. Tiles in these sizes will give the impression of an expensive interior. For flooring, the trend will be an even longer and wider tile (in the form of a board). The use of these tiles for wall cladding will help create a modern atmosphere in the room.

Use Of Metals

Different Tiles Materials

Finishes with the use of various metals will look more and more stylish, in particular with accents of gold, copper and brass. They will create unique reflective surfaces that shine and sparkle with natural light. These tiles with metallic accents are mainly used for wall cladding, giving the room a natural look. Tiles with a neutral metallic finish will be popular as flooring.

Artificially Aged Look

Artificially Aged Look Tiles

To paraphrase a well-known phrase, “the new is a well-reproduced old.” The artificially aged look of the material remains in trend, which is true both for flooring and wall cladding. We will see the imitation of old marble floors as if worn out from time to time and polished over the years by the feet of visitors, which will create a warm and charming atmosphere of antiquity and will certainly evoke a sense of skillful work.


Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding

Homeowners will experiment with stone cladding on a variety of surfaces to create a pleasing and one-of-a-kind decoration. We will see rooms faced with elegant and refined stone slabs. Stone will be present on floor-to-ceiling walls, kitchen island tables, stairs, and floors – this natural material creates a striking atmosphere.

More Shades Of Color

White Surfaces

White surfaces cease to be monotonous and boring thanks to natural texture patterns in shades of gray or gold. In 2021, bright and vibrant colors such as pink, burgundy, jade green, and ice blue are returning to fashion, which are suitable for all rooms. Black stone panels are also becoming more and more fashionable, especially with white or gold veins that will look chic.

Brighter And More Massive Veins

White Marble

While white marble with light gray veins will always be a classic, brighter color with powerful red, emerald or blue veins will become more popular. Rather than decorating the walls with expensive paintings, it is better to revet them with stone slabs, which in themselves are almost works of art.

Natural Beauty

Matte Surfaces

the beauty of nature and the finishes that used to be characteristic of exteriors will continue to penetrate our homes in 2021. Polished, matte surfaces that look more natural will be in trend. Also, thanks to its fashionable shade, textured white and gray marble will look stylish (and, by the way, for the same reason, terrazzo and concrete).

“Whether you are using ceramic tiles or stone finishes, one of the powerful trends that is likely to continue in the future is combining patterns, finishes and different colors to create a unique look”.


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