Owning a home also comes with a big responsibility. Sure, there’s the financial aspect and it is a big responsibility, but it is important never to forget about regular home maintenance. Everyone should keep a regular checklist of their home appliances and these include, heating, cooling, plumbing, security, and electrical systems. You should look at it as a regular health physical which will, in the end, save you from future breakdowns and wasted money.

It may seem intimidating, but some of these checkups and tasks you can do on your own without much experience. However, if you don’t have the time, and money isn’t a problem then you can always hire a professional. It is always better to prevent than to end up with expensive problems that will give you headaches.


Moisture is one of the biggest enemies for you and your house and it is important to keep it away from your house as much as possible. If you don’t have rain gutters be sure to install them because they will keep water away from the foundation which will prevent a cracked slab.

Make sure you clean leaves from rain gutters on a regular basis in order to prevent a water backup that can easily rot wooden gutters and rust those made from metal. Gutter pipes can sometimes get clogged and if this happens try washing the debris with a hose or use a plumber’s snake. Roof leakage can sometimes create damage to your ceiling so make sure you check your attic regularly.

Monthly inspect HVAC filters

Some people change filters monthly but this is not always necessary. It all depends on what type of filter you’re using and what kind of lifestyle you and your family are living. For example, if you have a small family with no pets then you can change your filter every two or three months.

If you do have pets then it is wise to get a more expensive filter or check them for hair and dirt and clean them on a monthly basis.

Air conditioner

This always depends on what climate you live in, but if you know it’s going to be hot summer then consider servicing your air conditioner. If you own one then always use your user guides for specific regular maintenance. Central air is a complex system and you are having troubles then you should probably get it serviced by a professional. It may cost you a bit but in the end, it will save you headaches and you will be able to enjoy cool air in your house in summer.

Refrigerator maintenance

Today everyone has a fridge and some houses have two or three. The good thing about fridges is that they are easy to maintain. Refrigerators take heat from the inside and pump it out using a refrigerant, keeping the air inside at about 4 °C which is just above freezing. The refrigerator itself basically never has to be replaced but the coils that run through the back of the fridge sometimes have to be vacuumed in order for the fridge to continue cooling properly.

Washing machine maintenance

Washing machines are really not that hard to maintain if you take good care of it. If you own an old one, then leakage is probably one of the most common problems especially if your machine is on the upper floor. This often happens where the water lines are attached to the washer so braided steel lines are recommended and you should avoid overtightening because it can break the washer’s plastic threads.

Sometimes parts like hoses and inlets cannot be fixed and need to be replaced. For example, if your machine has Fisher and Paykel parts, fixing it won’t be a problem, just make sure you consult your plumber first.

Be careful not to overfill the washer with clothing because this can be hard on the motor, transmission, and balancers. Also adding too much detergent can cause a build-up in the machine, so avoid this as much as possible.

Dishwasher maintenance

Dishwashers are commonly used a lot, sometimes two or three times a day. That’s why they don’t last as long as other appliances do such as washing machines and dryers. Nevertheless, if you maintain your machine in good shape, it will keep washing your dishes for many years.

The important thing to keep in mind is that washing machines have seals inside and they are meant to stay wet. It is important to never let your machine sit two or three weeks without running because these seals will dry out and crack resulting in a flood in your kitchen. If you’re going on holiday and the machine won’t be used for some time then consider pouring some mineral oil and water at the bottom in order to keep those seals well moisturized.

Clothes dryer

Clothes dryers can basically never go broken, but as always there are always some things you should keep in mind. Dryers produce a lot of lint and over time it will add up at some places besides the lint trap. Always make sure you clean up the lint trap after every cycle because if not cleaned regularly the dryer will have to work harder and longer to dry your clothes.


As said before it is always better to prevent things from going broken than to end up with big financial costs that will bring you to worry and headaches. By establishing a regular routine of checking house appliances and using them the right way, you will probably never have any problems and won’t have to worry again.