Understanding the different air conditioning system types is the first step to ensuring the unit you choose for your home is the most energy-effective way to heat your property.

Central Air Conditioning

A centralized AC unit is a must for large homes with many rooms. Its duct system allows one centralized system to send cold air throughout the home. The system operates with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that regulate the home’s temperature.

This may be the best way to keep a temperature-controlled home, but it’s also the most expensive. Maintaining a steady temperature throughout a house can use a lot of energy, so some homes in the north don’t use central air conditioners.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Despite the myth about ductless mini-splits only being for newer homes, they’re great for any property without a duct system. A mini-split system is excellent because its versatility means it can not only cool your house but also heat it.

The system has two parts: an outdoor component and an indoor component connected by refrigeration lines. They work in conjunction to push cold air into the room in the summer and then hot air in the winter. Mini-splits are energy-efficient ways to heat and cool because they’re isolated to each individual room. You’ll need a different unit for every room, but you only have to run them in the rooms you’re actively using.


A new technology that has emerged in recent years is the geothermal AC system. Despite the exuberant cost of buying these air conditioners, they’re the most energy-efficient ways to cool and heat a home. The geothermal system takes advantage of the constant temperatures underground with pipes that run beneath the house. These pipes, connected to a heat pump, can easily temperature-control the home.

Window Air Conditioner

If installing mini-splits is unrealistic for your property but you still need air conditioning system in a home without ducts, you can opt to use window air conditioners. These standalone systems pump cold air into the house through a setup in the window. However, they do obstruct the window’s view. They can be loud, but their cheap cost and easy installation make up for most of their cons.

Now that you understand the different conditioning system types, you can find the right AC unit to cool your house.