access platform

Construction workers often need to work at different heights, as per the architectural designs of constructions. They need to use access platform systems as temporary solutions to reach the required heights for constructing new buildings or maintenance of old buildings. These platforms are made of structural steel, rendering stability and safety while working at dangerous heights. Different kinds of access platforms are available in the market, according to the designs of these systems.

Folding Access Platform

This access system functions as a folding ladder, with a large platform with guardrails at the topmost part where users can stand securely and work. It can be folded and carried easily to the required location, due to its lightweight and portable design. The base of this system is unfolded and locked at a definite spot, to give stability to this structure. This type of access platform systems can be used by painters and interior decorators, to reach high ceilings and topmost parts of walls of buildings. Ideally, the length, width, and height of a folding platform are 900 mm, 100 mm, and 600 mm, respectively.

Powered Work Platform

This access platform is supplied power by a hydraulic or pneumatic motor or electricity, to lift workers up to the required height.  It is also called aerial access platform, as it provides a working platform in the air up to the height of 10 meters. It can be moved up and down as needed for the construction work and this platform is protected with guardrails. Three types of powered access platform systems are available; named scissor lift, cherry picker, and electric hoist. Scissor lift is used for cleaning external walls of a building or to repair bulky machines that cannot be reached from the ground. Cherry picker carries a user at the end of the long arm of a crane, which can move into different directions.  Electric hoist functions with the help of an electrical pulley system that can be used for large-scale construction projects.

access platform

Podium Access Platform

The steps of this access platform are made of aluminum tubes, covered with a wooden layer to make it slip-resistant and more durable. It is much safer than ordinary ladders and helps users to reach a height of up to 2 meters above the ground level. Moreover, there are guardrails protecting the steps of such access platform systems, preventing the risks of falling off from heights while working there. Thus, it is widely used for painting and decorating the interior walls of buildings safely.

Mobile Scaffold Tower

It is also called a mobile access tower and generally used as height access equipment for both internal and external construction works. The height of this access platform can be 1 – 6 meters. However, it is not so safe for untrained users and thus, it is mandatory in many places to undergo valid training courses before using these access platform systems.

Stationary Working Platform

This kind of platform is used only for constructing large towers that need many days to complete the designed structure. It is either fixed on the spot or may be movable within a limited area. This stationary or semi-stationary access platform may be completely secured by surrounding with guardrails, or one side of it may be left open for the convenience of workers. It is also used for loading or unloading storage spaces on heights in many industries.

The use of all these access platform systems is preferred due to the safety of construction workers, who are required to work at the dangerous heights. It is desired that construction companies provide training to their workers regarding the correct use of the access platform chosen for their projects.