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The outbreak of Coronavirus has drastically influenced the way we see the world today. With more and more people being exposed to the virus, we have to apply changes in everyday life to create a safe indoor environment for ourselves and the people around us. This is especially true for medical and dental practices, which need to adapt to accommodate patients and reduce the chance of infection.

Recognize traffic flow problems

When arriving for an appointment, people will spend a fair amount of time in the waiting room. There should be enough space for people to navigate through available areas safely. Your waiting area needs to be as big as possible to ensure the mental wellbeing of your patients.

After the first Coronavirus outbreak, there are more restrictions on the number of people allowed in indoor spaces. The guests should stay two feet apart from each other, and there shouldn’t be more than five people in a room, depending on its size. Create enough space between chairs and tables and mark the entrance and exit areas to reduce guest confusion.

Choose easy-to-clean furniture

Your staff should regularly clean and wipe the furniture in your waiting room. Many people are probably circulating in and out of your office every day. Every time a person leaves the waiting room, someone should wipe their chair and table with rubbing alcohol to kill the bacteria and prevent the spreading of the disease.

You should avoid buying padded chairs and try to choose materials that are easy to clean. Wooden and plastic chairs are the cheapest option, but you can also purchase metal or acrylic chairs.

Ventilate the room regularly

It’s not a good practice to spend a lot of time surrounded by strangers in a small room during a pandemic. Although most people are aware of the potential consequences, no one can entirely avoid these situations.  However, you can lower the risks of transmitting the virus by installing an air ventilation system as well as to consider sanitizing and disinfecting services in New Jersey.

Air ventilation will continually replace the indoor air with fresh air, which is crucial for the health of the people waiting to meet with you. Keep the windows open before 1 pm, because the sun rays will kill the bacteria in your waiting room.

Enable a safe working space for your staff

Although it’s vital to keep your guests safe and comfortable, you should also think about the safety of your employees. Equip your waiting room with a desk for the receptionist and make sure there’s enough room for them to work comfortably.

Invest in a chair made out of material that will not cause them to feel discomfort. Purchase safety masks and gloves, and encourage your employees to take safety precautions.

Invest in a high-quality design

Remodeling your waiting room can be a daunting task, especially if you’re working long shifts. It’s hard to find enough time and energy, even though it is often necessary to complete the renovation as soon as possible.

If you want to ensure the renovation project goes smoothly, employ a contractor to help you carry out the project. Finding contractors for dental fit-outs is an easy task compared to doing it on your own. You’ll get a high-quality service that will save you a lot of time, effort, and funds. These companies will design, arrange and equip your working environment and implement a design that is the best for your clinic.

Provide sanitary face masks and gloves for your patients

Not everybody wants to wear a mask, and some may not have enough money to purchase one every day. Either way, there should be a station with free masks and gloves in your waiting room, and a notification that informs the patients that wearing a mask is mandatory.

Hang posters on the walls that explain how a person should act during a pandemic. There should be enough hand sanitizers and alcohol that the patient will be able to use once they arrive for an appointment.


No one can tell for sure what are the ultimate safety precautions during the pandemic. However, you can create an environment where your staff and patients will be at minimal risk of getting seriously ill from Coronavirus. Encourage your patients to follow the protocols, and don’t do anything that would put you or your patients at risk of getting the virus. Invest in furniture that does not require a lot of maintenance and clean it regularly until the pandemic is over.

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