If you’ve run into a pipe problem at home, you may find yourself wondering, “What damage does a broken water line cause?” Is it worth repairing? When a pipe bursts in your home, it can cause a lot of damage. And because of the damage that a faulty water line causes, homeowners also need to know how to recognize the signs of a faulty water line. 

Furniture and Appliances

Your furniture and appliances may end up saturated depending on where the pipe bursts and when you catch it. And as the water accumulates and further soaks these items, the damage becomes more severe. Also, due to the water, electrical outlets and other appliances could short out.

Flooring and Walls

Whether it’s just a leak or a burst pipe, you can also expect damage to the walls and flooring of your home. If the line only springs a leak, you may not know about it, but it could still cause damage to the walls. Once a pipe bursts, it soaks through the ceiling, causing damage to the floor below. But this isn’t all—a broken water line could also affect your home’s overall structure if you wait to fix the problem.

Long Term Effects

Water damage can cause more damage than what’s immediately visible. And if you’re not home when the problem occurs, the effects may be worse. If the water sits for too long—either because you’re not home or there’s a continual leak—you run the risk of mold growth.

Tips To Preventing Water Damage

Now that you’ve answered the question of what damage a broken water line causes, it’s time to learn how to prevent the chances of it happening. You don’t want to risk the integrity of your home; some of the many ways to protect your home from water damage include:

  • Preparing your home for winter and colder weather.
  • Replacing old pipes.
  • Purchasing flood sensors.

Of course, avoiding this issue isn’t always entirely possible. So, if you think your water line needs a repair or replacement, it’s best to call an expert. Any possible inspection fees will be much cheaper than replacing furniture, flooring, and more because of a burst pipe.