Our tastes are always evolving, and your home might not necessarily reflect who you are now. If you’d like to elevate your surroundings with a more elegant flair, try some of these ways to make your decor more sophisticated.

Add a Point of View

If you walk into a room and nothing specific draws your eyes, the space is missing some fearless personality. Committing to a focal point can give a room a sense of purpose and set the tone. It can be anything. If you don’t have an architectural element to play up, such as a staircase or fireplace, choose a large piece of art or sculpture. It can be a show-stopping chandelier or a gallery wall of travel souvenirs. Start with that focal point, and rearrange your furniture in relation to it.

Mix in Other Styles

When you moved in, maybe you decorated with a cozy farmhouse aesthetic that says, “Are the cookies ready yet?” Welcoming? Yes. Elegant? No. You don’t have to start over or get rid of the things you love. Just start transitioning with elements of other interior design styles to move toward who you are now. The stripped-down sleekness of a modern coffee table can make a room feel less fussy and more urban. A contemporary sofa blends well with a variety of styles and is easy to customize with throw pillows.

Deepen Your Palette

A room that’s all neutrals or pastels doesn’t give off an adult vibe, but color blocking is one of the simplest tricks to beautify your home. Don’t be afraid to add some depth with deeper colors and black accessories. You can still retain your favorite colors and even emphasize them more with the contrast. Switch out light-colored art frames for black ones, or work in darker shades of your current colors. Choose a darker rug. As you go, include different textures, layering colors and even patterns. Don’t settle for a “pleasant” space. Let it reflect the gravitas you’ve earned.

Get Rid Of Clutter

This might not be a revolutionary way to make your decor more sophisticated, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make. Can you makeover a room simply by subtracting elements? Absolutely. Simple elegance is the name of the game, so stop displaying every knickknack you’ve ever acquired. Stash anything you’re not actually using away in cabinets or inside hollow ottomans. Better yet, purge whatever you don’t need anymore. A sophisticated home brings with it a sense of order, calm, and clarity. As you strive toward your personal potential, let your surroundings evolve with you.