phase converters, What Are Rotary Phase Converters and How Do They Work

Have you ever heard of phase converters before?

Many people have never heard of these before, but they’re useful for providing electric power. Their main purpose is to supply power to 3-phase electrical equipment by drawing energy from two single-phase lines.

In many areas, installing 3-phase electricity is too expensive or isn’t available. A phase converter lets you convert single-phase power into 3-phase power, and there are 3 types of converters: rotary, static, and digital rotary.

We’ll be focusing on rotary phase converters in this article, so read on to learn more.

What are Rotary Phase Converters?

Rotary phase converters take two single-phase lines and make use of a generator motor as a source of energy. Using the generator motor lets a rotary phase converter merge power with the other lines to produce power that is used in three-phase motors.

Three-phase electric motors use an alternating current to power their equipment, and rotary phase converters can mimic this with the generator motor. Unlike standard three-phase power sources, a phase converter provides consistent power that can be more efficient.

Phase converters are very versatile, as they can be equipped to homes and large facilities, letting various groups of people use them. They cost a few hundred dollars, but they save owners tons of money in the long run because of their power efficiency.

How Do They Work?

Rotary phase converters act as power generators when they’re transforming power. Using a phase converter alongside two lines of single-phase power makes 3-phase power that is accurate, stable, and reliable.

All the lines are shifted to 120 degrees, making them more accurate than standard 3-phase power. Each of the output voltages is also balanced to prevent one from getting overloaded.

When a phase converter is properly equipped, it will be difficult to tell that a phase converter is in place because of how consistent the voltages are.

The Benefits

There are several reasons why people get rotary phase converters. Here are the main benefits:

  • They’re cheaper and more efficient than standard 3-phase power lines
  • They’re often better for voltage-sensitive equipment
  • The equipment won’t need to be replaced for a long time
  • They are cost-effective and efficient, transferring most of the power into used power

How They Compare to Other Types

While a rotary phase converter is a typical choice for many people when it comes to a single-phase to three-phase converter, there are other types that are used depending on the situation:


Static phase converters are capable of powering 3-phase motors from single-phase power, but their power is limited. They are designed to operate lighter equipment and for a moderate amount of time.

When a static phase converter starts powering a piece of equipment, it will produce power from a set of capacitors until the equipment is on. When the equipment powers up, the capacitors will disconnect and the load will be running on two single-phase lines.

Digital Rotary

Digital rotary phase converters are often used for things like blowers, fans, and pumps. These phase converters are designed for voltage-sensitive machines and provide consistent power that keeps a machine running efficiently.

They’re also capable of providing power to equipment that has multiple loads. This means if you have something that has several electronics equipped to it, a digital rotary phase converter might be best for you.

What Can I Use Phase Converters For?

Phase converters have a variety of uses that are beneficial to both homeowners and business owners. Depending on what type of machinery you’re using, you might benefit from getting a phase converter.

While often used in industrial settings, phase converters can also be used for:


There are many machines used for agriculture that use phase converters to operate. Things like pivots and grain dryers often require various amounts of voltage to work properly. Many phase converters are also weatherproof, which allows them remain outside without breaking.

Food Service

The food service industry is full of equipment that uses a lot of electricity. Exhaust fans, ovens, coolers, and freezers can use phase converters to manage their loads efficiently. Phase converters come in many shapes and sizes, so one can fit in a tight area if need be.


Having a three-phase converter in an automotive facility is cost-effective and lets owners save more money. Things like air-compressors, which only require power when air is being used, can benefit from phase converters because they’ll only supply power when needed.


Metalworking often requires high horsepower and voltage for the machines. With a phase converter, you can convert standard power from your facility into 3-phase power that will run your mills, shears, lathes, and more.


Similar to metalworking, woodworking uses multiple pieces of equipment that drain power. Table saws, sanders, and dust collectors are all high-voltage machines. A phase converter will be able to turn a standard facility into a high-quality woodworking facility.

Consider Getting a Phase Converter

Rotary phase converters allow you to convert energy from single-phase sources into 3-phase energy that can power equipment that requires a lot of energy.

If you’re someone that works with a variety of electrical equipment, you should consider getting a phase converter to let your equipment run with proper voltages. Without one, you run the risk of overloading your equipment or not supplying enough power.

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