Having a clean roof is essential for maintaining your house in a good state. After monsoon and autumn, you need to take a look at your roof. Due to raining and all the leaves falling, gutters can get clogged. If that happened, then your roof could start facing leaking problems. And, believe me, this could escalate quickly into a serious issue for you.

Furthermore, not everyone feels confident to do a roof cleaning by themselves. But if you are willing to try to do so, then read this blog. We’ll give you some effective tips for spring gutter cleaning. That way your roof will stay nice and ready for the next rainy season. Also, we will talk about the mistakes that people do while roofing cleaning.

Best ways to clean your roof…

Let’s talk about the best practices first, that way you can get to know first the path for a good roof cleaning. It’s not as hard as you may think, so just take note of this.

  • Get the right equipment

Before anything, you need to get the correct tools. This includes a good ladder, shoes with a rubber sole, and comfy clothes. As well, you need a hard bristle brush, gloves, broom, and a pressure hose. These are the basic items that you will need for cleaning.

You can also be prepared with some gutter seal in case you see any leak. That way you can do some minor reparations after cleaning.

  • Set the ladder on a solid surface before going up

Having grass can cause you problems with the ladder. You need to create a stable surface to put the feet of the ladder. That way balance will not get loose and will prevent accidents. A quick tip: Put some wooden boards where you want to put the ladder’s feet.

Also, make sure that the ladder is not reloaded on an unstable surface. Otherwise, the surface could get damaged while putting your weight on the ladder.

  • Start with the cleaning

First, you need to get rid of all the foliage that is in the gutters. Also, if it’s safe to get on top of the roof, then try brooming it. That way you will take away any material that can rot. Remember that this can cause damage if it stays there.

After taking all the leaves, use your hard bristle brush and start brushing the gutters.  If you see any mold growth, then don’t worry. Mix one part of chlorine with 10 parts of water; it will kill any fungus. 

  • Use your pressure hose

Before scrubbing, you should clean your gutters with a pressure hose. If any dirt is remaining, then the pressure of the water will take it away. As well, with this, you can test that nothing is clogging the descent of the gutter. If water is not going down, then you will need to check what’s going on.

Sometimes you can have dead animals there, so always make sure to use your gloves. That way you will prevent any disease by touching them.

Worst ways to clean your roof…

Now, we will talk about the most common bad practices. When working on a roof, being careless can cost you your health. So, please take seriously these next points.

  • Try to clean it while raining or when it is still wet

This is almost about common sense, but we will discuss why it’s a bad idea. When the surface is wet, it can get slippery. This will increase the probability of you having a really bad accident. As well, roofs tend to have cables, and they can be exposed. Let’s remember that water is an electrical conductor.

So, always try to do this cleaning before the rainy season starts, and after it ends. That way your roof will be ready for the next season.

  • Not using the right equipment

This is also an obvious one, but a lot of people have accidents due to not using it. Hence, try using gloves and a good state ladder. With this, you’re using just the basic stuff, but it will work. Remember that you don’t need expensive tools; you just need the right ones.

  • Doing the cleaning while you’re ill

This is a task where you need to be focused and strong. Imagine that you went to your roof, but you have flu. You’re cleaning it and then you start feeling dizzy. This will affect your senses and you can fall from the ladder.

Therefore, try to accomplish this task in your best form. That means being well-rested, feeling good, and well eaten. 

  • Not doing reparations if needed

While cleaning you can check the state of your roof and gutters. If you see any leak and you don’t repair it, it can get worst. Maybe you’re not sure of what to do if your roof is leaking. This is normal, if you are not sure what to do, then you should hire a professional.

Advice will be given

Last thoughts:

Your house should always be ready for any weather condition. It could be heavy rain season, hot weather, or snow. If you keep giving your house the maintenance that it requires, then it can cope with natural elements easily.

No one wants to discover that the roof has any leak when the rainy season starts. Make sure to give periodical maintenance to prevent any issues later. Also read Which Home Remodeling Projects You Should Set About In 2021


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