We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our homes and surroundings, and designers all over the world are constantly coming up with new trends and ways to make your home look as close to your vision as possible. So, whether you’re looking to change up a few small things, do a whole home remodel or perhaps if you are building your home from scratch, here are the biggest current trends that will inspire you to make your home a perfect oasis.

interior design trends, The Newest Interior Design Trends For 2019

Oriental and natural

More and more people are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and have a peaceful space to return to when their workday is done. And can you imagine a more peaceful place than an oriental living room, with a lot of plants, cozy cushions and light incense sticks lit? When you are looking to create an oriental room, try to focus on warm and neutral colors, with plenty of beige and light orange to give a natural contrast to all the green you should bring in with your plants and flowers. Try to organize this in rooms with a lot of natural light, not only because it will create a more pleasant atmosphere, but because your plants are going to need it. If you really want a room without much natural light, opt for natural-looking artificial plants and dry wood décor.

interior design trends, The Newest Interior Design Trends For 2019


Similar to the oriental style, the tropical look relies on plenty of nature, only this time focusing more on the cooler colors of the ocean and forest. Think light blue walls, white wood furniture, large-leaf plants in the corners and nautical details like white rope, a shell collection display or a ship floor covering. This one really does require a lot of natural light and is usually best paired with a good view.

Smart homes

Technology is making our lives more and more comfortable, accessible and convenient every year. And technology has been coming into our homes in the last few years, making our daily lives run smoother and safer. Whether you are getting a pool alarm to make sure your kids are safe, or a new whole house air purifier to make sure everyone is breathing the highest-quality air, you can let your home give you exactly what you need and make your life easier. When you are thinking about getting a smart home system installed, make sure you get something that covers all of your needs, including taking care of the home while you’re away and having all the newest security measures.

interior design trends, The Newest Interior Design Trends For 2019

Metal accents

With the Scandinavian influence always flooding the design trends with minimalism and similar trends, the use of metal as accent details hasn’t been as represented in recent years. But a very European trend is coming back: brass everything. From lamps to cups, brass is a metal that can be incorporated into almost every style known to man, making it the perfect trend for anyone wanting to break the soft, natural textures that most homes are made of today. It can be incorporated both as a detail and as a centerpiece; for example, a brass chandelier. It will give an aged look to a room and bring a dose of elegance into the space. Remember that besides being a metal, it’s also a color, so it can be incorporated into pillows, curtains and rugs.


As we look to the future, it is becoming more and more apparent that we are in dire need of a more sustainable lifestyle. Our homes are following suit, with appliances like compost machines and recycling bins being the new norm in almost every home. But we can go beyond that: repurposed furniture and hardwood floors, solar panels for clean energy homes and good insulation to prevent wasting energy on temperature regulation both in summer and winter. We can all do a bit more to help make our homes more sustainable, which does well both for our homes and our wallets.

In the end, trends are there to inspire you to make your own style. Your house doesn’t have to look as if it’s completely unified, especially if you live with other people, since everyone has a different idea of an ideal space. In the end, your home should be a space you feel comfortable in and that you enjoy spending time in, and that is what you should focus on.