Most people know that gutters are an essential part of their roof and home. However, they often leave them alone for months at a time. Cleaning one’s gutters can be dangerous, so people would rather ignore them than attempt cleaning them.

The best way to avoid this danger but keep your gutters clean is to hire a gutter-cleaning professional. Someone with professional training can safely and efficiently clean your gutters. While this is a bigger financial investment than attempting to clean them yourself, it’s often necessary. The following examples of what can happen if you don’t clean your gutters regularly show how necessary professional cleaning is.

Water Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

Damaged or clogged gutters won’t properly direct water away from your home and its foundation. While you may feel tempted to shrug this off since water is as natural as the soil your foundation sits on, you need to take this threat seriously. The water will weaken the soil around and underneath your home’s foundation. As the soil weakens, it also softens. Therefore, your foundation and entire home are no longer on solid ground. The foundation can crack and shift with you and your loved ones inside, which is dangerous.

Moisture and Mold Can Permeate Spaces Within Your Home

Some of the water from overflowing gutters will run under your roof and down the sides of your home. The more water that follows these paths, the more your underlying decking and other wood can deteriorate. Eventually, the water will permeate under your roof and drip into your attic or through small cracks in the doors and windowsills. Once moisture infiltrates these spaces, mold can start growing. Mold can grow in just a day or two and spread quickly, continuing to deteriorate permeable surfaces, and contaminate the air inside your home.

Piles of Leaves Can Let Pests Into Your Home

Maybe your region doesn’t receive a lot of rain, so you’re not as worried about potential foundation problems or mold. Even without the presence of water, you must understand the importance of gutters and keeping them clean. Piles of leaves, twigs, and other debris that clog your gutters are like open invitations to many insects and pests. You’re practically offering them a safe place to nest when rain does fall and weaken parts of your home. Before you know it, insects and pests could make themselves at home in your attic, crawlspace, and other permeable areas.

A lot can happen if you don’t clean your gutters. Hiring a contractor to keep these gutters clean can feel daunting, but not as daunting as dealing with the damage from clogged gutters. Find a reputable, experienced gutter-cleaning professional in your area to help you maintain this important aspect of your roof and home.