If you make the wrong choice of carpet for high traffic areas you run into the risk of needing to replace it before you should have to. Making sure you select the right type of carpet for the high traffic locations in your home, such as the living room and hallways, it must be durable more so than other parts of your home.

The floors which on average receive the most wear are places which more people come into contact with. These are not so much the bedrooms, but the communal living spaces. This can include the dining room, living room, hallways and stairs. This is especially true in a family home where more than two people are living in.

But there is more to carpet wear and tear than just walking and foot traffic. If you have any indoor pets, then this can also contribute to carpet damage. Their claws can dig in and disrupt the fibres, pulling on them. Another issue could be fading due to exposure to natural light. The contribution of stains in this area is also elevated as it is more likely than the lesser traffic areas in the home.

All of these things contribute to the significant wear of the area and this is why your choices are so important in high traffic locations. The wrong choice can make the carpet look tired and worn before its time.

One of how you can determine whether the carpet you are looking at is durable enough for the location in question is the ACCS (Australian Carpet Classification Scheme) rating which will be on the label. This rating is out of 6 stars and a 6-star rating will meet the standards of durability for high traffic areas.

Another telltale sign of durability is a lengthy warranty for soil resistance and abrasive wear. If the carpet comes with a long warranty then you are guaranteed it will last for a significant period. You will also need to look at a few physical features of the carpet too. Twist and loop-pile wool carpets are a popular choice for high traffic areas as they do not crush from repetitive walking. They are also durable in the sense that they repel moisture and dirt. The spills that they may experience often remain on the surface rather than sinking below and causing permanent stains. These are in every sense one of the best choices for these areas that get a lot of wear and tear in your home.

Dark colours are also great as they hide any impending stains. It is harder to see dirt and dust, which are more prevalent in these areas. As for materials, wool is the best choice and is significantly cheaper than other alternatives. Solution-dyed nylon is also a great choice but can often be up to double the price of the wool option. The benefits of the nylon include the fact that it is more resistant to fading from sunlight and is more stain-resistant than wool.

Plush piles are your worst enemy in high traffic locations. They are luxurious underfoot but they crush with repeated walking and are more likely to absorb stains and spills.

There are many things to consider when buying carpet for areas which are more prone to wear. It may seem like you are quite limited but the truth is that there are many durable carpets out there for you to choose from. It is easy to find a carpet that will match your design for the area and the colour scheme that you choose, all you need to do is consider the durability.

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