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Colors have always played an important role in our life. People often underestimate the power of paint color in their homes, and they shouldn’t as it is the key to setting the mood. Bright and light shades evoke happy and relaxing feelings whereas dark colors sometimes prompt gloomy and depressing feelings. Statistics have shown that houses painted in neutral colors sell faster and houses with bathroom painted in blue color sell for a much higher price than expected.

Whether you are going to paint the exterior of your house or the interior part; you should consider a lot of things before you take the brush and get to work!

Selecting the right color to paint your kitchen has never been easy as the kitchen is the heart of our home. It is the place where the family gathers, has meals together and makes plans for the day. That is why we should consider the colors carefully. First, you need to decide whether you and your family are more of a ‘conventional’ or a ‘modern’ kitchen type.

Conventional Kitchen
Conventional kitchen designs suggest using colors such as warm hues, earthy colors, bright colors as these colors will make all the people present comfortably. You can opt for a combination of woodsy warm neutral style, rich browns, toned-down yellows, and all-white kitchens.

Modern Kitchen
On the other hand, modern kitchen designs suggest any other unconventional color choices such as a kitchen in red with silver parts, a light blue kitchen or a black kitchen. With every detail perfectly combined, you can pull off literally anything!

Materials to Consider
There are some materials you can use instead of painting to add color to your decoration. Wooden floors or floors in wooden colors are always a good choice. Adding gray and creamy furniture along with dark red blinds will make an amazing pattern. You can even use metal in your coloring patterns. Companies like Westberg Sheetmetal can design and produce your personalized metal pieces. Such colors add luxury to your house.

Recent surveys have shown that crisp white has remained a favorite color both for the kitchen and the bedroom. Probably because it is a pure, completely neutral color that can be combined with anything. But besides white, there are some other trends as well. As the bedroom is also an important room for us, being our sanctuary and the place we retreat to after a long, hard-working day, we should mind the wall colors in it. Choosing soothing neutral colors has always been a popular option as they are safe and classic, of course. Some of the shades in this category are ivory, taupe, black, gray and white. On the other hand, some people prefer pastels such as soft blues, lavenders, greens, yellows, and pinks for an elegant feel. A small number of people opt for bold, expressive colors. When choosing colors for the bedroom you should always consider it as a place you are going to rest in and relax the hard day away.

Best paint color ideas for a bathroom will depend on your idea of the bathroom. You need to think about HOW you use the bathroom, whether you just take a quick shower and run off to work, or you want a full spa treatment in your bathroom. Some of the popular choices include taupe, soft gray, bright white, charcoal, pistachio or the classics such as light blue, light green and creamy white. Whatever your choice is, you can hire painting companies which will give you an estimate of the total cost and which will provide a full and professional painting service to you. I have personally discussed with some painting companies before painting my house for the new year, it is always worth the time.

Living room
As your living room is the place where all the family members gather, relax and enjoy spending some time together, it is only rational that the wall color brings about a particular mood. The perfect color for a living room is definitely green as it is the color of harmony and renewal. It simply echoes the natural world. It is fresh and subtle, more interesting than neutrals. Another popular living room color choice is gray, as it can make your living room seem more spacious. Another option is blue, the world’s favorite color. Other trending alternatives include beige and black.


When it comes to the wall colors of your garage, it’s simple: all the colors present in it should complement each other. A garage painted in light colors will reflect light better, but it will also show dirt more quickly. A good alternative to white are colors such as gray, beige and tan which are easier to maintain and clean, especially if you use semi-gloss paint.

Staircases are usually the thing we overlook when doing some remodeling in our home. And yet, there are so many ways to paint your stairs! For example, you can use a color staircase pattern or a cover, you can paint your stairs the classic black and white, or in some vibrant multicolors, you can add some creative writing or quotes to every step, you can add some creative decorations to your stairs, and so on. There are so many unusual alternatives to simple, boring staircases.

When it comes to painting, experts suggest following some tips and tricks. Professionals say that you should wait for dry weather, do a thorough visual inspection and wall preparation, buy high-quality brushes, protect everything from damage, use a primer and paint from top to bottom.

Color Psychology

It does not hurt to review how some colors affect your mood, let’s start with red and review some.

Red is the most intense color that will raise the energy levels pumping adrenaline. Researches show that it raises blood pressure and also speed respiration and heart rate. Probably not the right choice for the bedroom, right?

Yellow, the color of happiness, does capture the joy. Some experts say it is the best choice for kitchen and dining rooms where it is uplifting and energizing as well as being expensive and welcoming. But let’s not forget that it is not the best choice to be used as the main color since the same researches say that babies cry more and adults tend to lose temper when surrounded by too much yellow.

‌‌Blue is the opposite of red, so you can expect it to do whatever red doesn’t. Bring down blood pressure and slows respiration and heart rate. That is probably why it is considered the best choice for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Green is the most restful color for the eye combining the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. It is kind of a good choice for every room. It can also be used as a main color in decorating as it is believed to relieve stress.

Purple in its darkest shade is rich and sophisticated. It brings luxury and creativity, better used as a second color. Lighter versions of purple like lilac and lavender can be used for bedrooms as well.

You could go with any color you prefer but keep in mind that it will affect you and your family. You might find it wise to spend time studying colors and their psychology.

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