There is no doubt that appliances have made life much easier. In every step, you will find an appliance that will help you out. And, as you know that these are just machines, thus they can work disorderly sometimes. In most situations, fixing the appliance all by yourself can be helpful but it’s better not to.

If you don’t have any knowledge about the appliance and still you want to fix the appliance, this might damage the machine permanently. It is better to hire a professional. And, that will save your time as well as money. Also, they have enough experience to show that they are worth it.

Below we have discussed some common problems related to dryers where expert opinion is a must.

Common Dryer Problem that You might face

The dryer is mainly used to dry the clothes when the sun is not shining bright. Often, you might have faced malfunctioning of dryers. This might create a really big problem. Though it makes your job much easier, unfortunately, it is a machine. And, that can go through a breakdown and needs immediate repair.

Over here, we will discuss some of the common dryer problems that you might face. And, these problems can only be repaired with the help of professionals associated with washing machine repair services. If you want the best facility, then you can contact the handyman services in Dubai.

The Dryer Not Turning On

It might be possible that you have put some of the clothes in the dryer and went to turn it on. But, unfortunately, you see that your dryer is not running. In this case, the prime and the best thing that you need to do is to contact professionals. They can efficiently solve this problem.

Once they arrive, they will check various parts to find out the main reason behind the non-activation of the dryer. And, the main focus goes to the electric fuse that supplies power to the dryer. The breakers might have tripped, which leads to the immediate shutting down of the machine. Other causes can be broken cord, damaged dryer door switch, etc. You can repair it all by yourself, but it’s better not to. Calling a professional will help you to fix the dryer earlier.

Dryer Overheating Issue

To dry clothes, the dryer has a specific amount of clothes requirement. But, it might be possible that due to malfunctioning, it releases an excess amount of heat. And, this might lead to damaging the clothes or even leaving behind signs of small burns. It might be possible that a bad thermostat is the main reason for this problem.

Don’t wait too long to call a professional, as it might be a little risky as time goes. You can even contact the electrician in Dubai for any help. Repairing all by yourself might damage the machine more. So, don’t keep any doubt about calling the expert.

Dryer Not Producing Enough Heat

You might notice that though the dryer is working, the clothes are still wet, then this can be a major problem. It might be because of the improper release of heat from the dryer. You can conduct some testing before calling the experts. Go to the settings and make some changes. If you still see it is not warm enough, then you definitely need to hire a professional.

After the professionals arrive, they will first check the thermal fuse. The fuse is responsible for restricting your clothes from getting overheated. It might be possible that it has been broken, thus prohibiting the production of heat. The temperature switch that is located in the panel can be responsible for the occurrence of the default.

Unpleasant Noise

This appliance has a moving part, and each of those parts has specific functions to work properly. If you see that your dryer is making unpleasant noise, then you definitely need to call a professional to check your appliance. There can be a lot of different reasons responsible for this. It might be possible that it has a broken glide. As time passes, the glides reduce in functioning properly.

The professional will also check the dryer’s blower wheel along with the drum support roller. There are a number of possible reasons. Obviously, it could be quite difficult for you to fix it by yourself. You might damage the appliance more, so it’s better to contact the technicians.

Wrinkled Clothes as a Result

The released heat and the movement of the parts in the dryer remove the wrinkles from your clothes. If you see that the wrinkles are still present even after the clothes have dried, that means your appliance needs help. The problem can arise due to putting too many clothes in the appliance.

If you wish to alter the appliance and the dryer settings, and still see that the problem persists, then the dryer needs to be repaired as soon as possible. It might be possible that the experts only change the constituent inside the dryer or some other things. Not producing proper heat can also cause wrinkled clothes.

Dryer Showing Improper Movement

The dryer is mainly designed to warm up the clothes and produce a tumbling motion. When the dryer stops performing any motion it means that something is wrong and you have to contact the professionals. The reason behind the interruption of the tumbling motion can be the broken belt. This will prevent your clothes from getting dried up and wrinkled-free.

It is quite a complex process and it is not at all perfect for DIY. Thus, hiring professionals would be best. In most cases, the reason behind this was the damage of some parts or seized motor. It is very important to replace these parts. After repairing and with proper oiling the dryer will work properly.


Thus, we have discussed the problem where you need professional help to fix it. These are some common problems that the users have experienced and DIY won’t help you. Many users make mistakes by trying to fix them all by themselves in order to save time. But, you need to know that not all parts can be fixed simply by DIY.

In such a situation, you need to avoid this. Hiring a professional will not only save money and time but also repair your faulty dryer by enhancing its performance. No doubt there are some other problems, but these are the most common ones.

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