Many people think that Epoxy floor coating and epoxy flooring are the same things, which is incorrect. They both are different and you can find a huge difference in their thickness. An epoxy floor coating is less than 2 mm and epoxy flooring is above 2 mm thickness. Many people just opt for the epoxy floor coating because it is easy to apply this coating on an existing concrete floor.

Different types of Epoxy Floor coating

Here is a list of different types of epoxy floor coating available in the market and you can choose anyone from it that suits you best.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy Coatings for Floors: This epoxy coating has quartz sand mixed in it that gives an anti-slip coating so it is commonly used by food processing industries or areas where there is lot of liquid around. This coating is also known for its strength and you can use this floor coating on heavy traffic areas.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Coatings for Floors: these epoxy floor coatings is used generally in kitchens, dining rooms, office spaces, garage, etc because it provides clean and smooth look to the old flooring, and it is very easy to use and install. You can apply this epoxy coating in your rooms to make your floor durable and chemical resistant.

Mortar Epoxy Coatings for Floors: This epoxy floor coating is majorly used in heavy industries and it is the strongest of all epoxy floor coatings. Before you use this epoxy coating, you need to seal the cracks and damages of your floor.

Epoxy Flaked Floor Coatings: using multi-colored flakes and chips over wet epoxy coating makes this more of a style of epoxy flooring which gives the flooring more of a decorative look. It is a type of decorative floorings and you can use it at your outdoor.

Graveled Epoxy Coatings for Floors: this epoxy floor coating is used for adding brandings or logos or any other details to the flooring. For example, you can use your logo on the floor at the main entrance of your office.

Epoxy Antistatic Floor Coatings: This is a specialized epoxy floor coating used in labs, hospitals, and electronic manufacturing industries because these areas need to be static-free as there electronic equipment around in use.

Benefits of epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor covering is made of epoxide pitch, polyamine hardener, and different added substances. When not utilized as a story covering, it is regularly utilized as cement. As it is blended, it frames a substance response that gives your floor particular characteristics. Quite possibly the main characteristics that this compound response produces is new solidness and perseverance in the surface. This cycle seals and fixes the surface it is applied to, shaping a firm bond. Look at the benefits of epoxy floor coatings to decide whether this is the correct decision for your space.

Initially, epoxy floor coating was used only in commercial and industrial spaces but now epoxy coating has picked up pace in residential uses too, and many homeowners are opting for it as it provides them with sleek, elegant, and durable flooring.

  • Epoxy coating can make your existing floor long-lasting and durable. You can use your floor for years without spending any maintenance cost.
  • Epoxy coatings provide a very glossy and shiny look to different colors and designs. It also enhances any patterns or accessories applied to the flooring which makes it look more attractive and durable flooring solution.

Flooring coated with epoxy is easy to clean, and you can simply use your mop or vacuum cleaner to clean your floor.

  • Epoxy coating is considered the toughest because it can handle shock, heat, heavy machinery, and more, and you do not have to worry about any cracks.
  • Epoxy coating is very easy to install and it dries quickly and also does not require any kind of special tools or equipment.

Epoxy is a cement, paint, plastic, or other material that is made as a polymer of epoxides. The expression “epoxy” is utilized to portray coatings that are made from two parts, which means, a blend of two distinct synthetics, alluded to as “pitch.” This arranges epoxy as a copolymer. Synthetically, pitch is made out of short-chain polymers, which at their end contain an epoxide bunch.


If you are interested in using epoxy floor coating in your office or home or industry, then you can get in touch with a reputed and licensed company. Check out different designs and patterns online and discuss your requirements with them.

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