Typically, the average lifespan of a roof is 30 years, but a roof can last longer or shorter depending on a few things. First off, your roof should be well-constructed and made of high-quality materials. Due to the fact that roofs are prone to weather damage, generally, they require more often repairs than other areas of your house.

Despite that, caring for your roof is essential in its longevity, and it is highly necessary to repair it when needed. Moisture can damage the wooden structure of your house and waiting to do repairs can cause worse problems. Even though some roof repairs can be done by yourself, it is usually advisable to hire a roofing contractor. Before contacting a roofing company, you should know a few essential pieces of information.

Know What You Want

Before calling a roofing professional, you should know what you are looking for them to do for you. Explain the damage. Is there a hole or shingles falling off? Is the drainage working alright?

Whether this is a repair or a roof replacement, you need to be able to outline the problem to receive an accurate quote.

Know the Signs of a Bad Roofing Contractor

There are many bad roofing professionals that exist only to produce a mediocre job to rip you off. There are a few signs to help you distinguish a roofing contractor from a poor one:

  1. They are not fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This is never acceptable under any circumstance.
  2. When asked about cost, it is not discussed openly. This might mean that additional costs will come up along the way.
  3. They have unresolved complaints from other clients either on review sites or the BBB.
  4. You have an uneasy feeling when speaking to them. Always trust your gut!
  5. The contractor’s rates seem too good to be true. If their rates are so cheap that you have never seen comparable rates, then there is something wrong. This might mean they are looking to make a quick dollar or will end up charging more in the future.
  6. They do not send a qualified estimator. Any reliable roofing company will send a qualified person to complete your estimate. They should be able to make assessments, take measurements, and talk about materials with confidence.

Know Your Options

When you work with a roofer, you will have many different options. To be more prepared and less overwhelmed, before hiring a roofer, it is a great idea to know your options. Learn a bit about different types of roofing available and what you might be interested in learning more about.

Understand the Terms of Their Insurance Policy

The biggest mistake you can make when hiring a roofer is not inquiring about their insurance policy. The roof insurance should cover both you and their workers. In case an accident happens during the repair or installation, you do not want to be held liable for any negligence or accident that occurs.

You should also be aware of the warranty that they offer on your roof. Will this company come to fix your roof if something goes amiss in a year? Be aware of every insurance policy and roof warranty that is offered through their company.


Although your roof is considered to be the most neglected part of the house, you can still be prepared before hiring a roofing company. For the most reliable roofing professionals in Colorado, contact Integrity Building & Roofing, a Denver roofing company.

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