If you’ve owned a house for a while, there’s a strong chance you want to do some remodeling, including upgrading your garage door. One of the signs that it’s time to upgrade your garage door is that the door doesn’t open or close anymore, which can mean one of its springs has broken. But before you or your home contractor buy replacements, you need to consider the things to look for in a garage door spring.

Determine Your Spring

After you decide it’s time to replace your garage door spring, you need to determine whether you have torsion or extension springs. You can find the torsion springs on a metal rod that is parallel to the garage door. Meanwhile, the extension springs are perpendicular to the garage door and located between the door tracks and the ceiling.

Follow the Colors

Garage springs can follow a color-coding system that helps you further determine what you are looking for in your replacement. The Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association introduced this system, which tells homeowners or contractors the wind direction and wire gauges of the torsion springs and the lifting powers of the extension springs.

For example, if you have a torsion spring with a red cone, it usually means it is a right-wound spring that should be on the left side of the garage door. But if the spring has a black cone, it is a left-wound spring that you should install on the right.

Get Important Measurements     

Doors that have torsion springs will also require you to get a few more measurements, including the wire size. Afterward, you will take your results to a wire size chart to determine the right one to buy. You also need to determine the length and inside diameter of the spring. However, if you must remove the spring to learn the diameter, you should hire a professional to do the work so that you can avoid serious injuries.

When you know what to look for in a garage door spring, you and your contractor should be able to purchase the right product. This will help ensure your garage door can continue its heavy lifting and keep satisfying you as a homeowner.