From form to function, there’s a lot to consider when building additions to your home. This is true for any addition to your home, but especially for a new deck. Before you get started, let’s look at what to think about when building your deck.


Before buying any materials or tools, think about your budget. It will influence size, built-in seating, lighting, and railings, so define it as soon as possible to get a sense of what is and isn’t possible when building.


To determine how to build the deck, you need to know what the main use of the deck will be. Will you have family over for reunions? Is it your neighborhood’s inviting new cookout spot? Answering this question will help you decide things like size and whether you should include deck accessories.


Depending on your yard, you might already know exactly where your deck needs to go. Sometimes, though, you’re presented with options. So which location would be ideal for the specific needs of your deck?

If it’s important to you, think about privacy, and also consider where the sun will be when you’re out on your deck. If you can place your deck in a shady spot, you and your guests will be much more comfortable.


You will save money if you build a deck yourself, but you might sacrifice quality. If you’re confident in your abilities, platform decks are quite simple to put together on your own. If you’re angling for a slightly more complicated project, consider hiring a contractor to make your life easier and ensure you get the deck you want.


Most decks you think of are wood, right? Believe it or not, plastic lumber is the superior option. It will never rot and is extremely hardy. If you live in an area that sees bad weather or gets cold in the winter, plastic planks won’t warp or bend over time.

There is a lot to think about when building your deck, but it’s all-important. Spend some time answering these questions up front, and it will make your life easier in the long run!