A leak is referred to as the cracking or opening of a wall or a barrier through which material in the shape of solid, liquid, and gas can easily enter or exit. These leaks usually occur in water and gas pipes, tanks, and containers. The leak also occurs due to defective pipes which are made from low-quality of material. A leak detection test is performed to highlight the damaged part of the pipe from which the gas and liquid material are allowed to escape. The leak detection inspectors use a procedure to determine whether an object is working within a specific leak limit. A leak detection test is performed by immersing the damaged part in a hot water tank, then inserting pressure gas in it which highlights the damaged part that cannot be seen from the naked eye.

Things to get inspected during leak detection

The most important things which are given priority during leak detection test is checking of leaking rate, leaking size, and amount of flow of mass. Most of the leak detection professionals are highly trained and well equipped for their work. First of all, they simply work on the damaged containers which is need to be inspected during leak detection to identify that which kind of leak is being faced:

• Permanent connection leak

To resolve a permanent connection leak, the complete material of that damaged part is inspected carefully, and points are marked on it where the leak is going permanently.

• Temporary connection leak

This kind of leak usually occurs because of a hole or crack in that pipe or container, this might be resolved by repairing the damaged part to avoid any future problem.

• Single way leak

The reason behind this leak is due to minor damage to your ac pipes, water pipes, refrigeration pipes, etc. This single-way leak is checked by soap bubble mixture which clearly shows the minor damage that needs to be repaired.

• Leak in sequence

A leak in sequence or series occurs due to poor quality or the use of low-quality material for making containers. This quality of material gets rusted quickly and makes a leak of water or gas in sequence.

• Leaking from different paths

The leaking from several paths of container occurs due to poor quality of medium consideration as it highly makes leaks in gas or water container. This medium consideration is repaired by simply using an air pressure leaking test.

Things to consider while inspecting leak detection

Few things are taken seriously while inspecting for leak detection tests. These things are the most common reason behind any leak detection. This consideration of identifying leaks consists of

• Checking quality of manufacturing consideration

Manufacturing quality is the top priority as it protects from getting your tank or pipe to be leaked.

• Inspecting quality of material consideration

Use of good quality of material depending on certain weather conditions is also effective from getting any leaking damage.

Looking for quality of medium consideration

The right medium or environment is recommended while doing any leak testing.

Types of leak detection test

Usually, the professionals of leak detection perform different types of leaking tests to identify the damaged part.

1. Pressure decay testing method

In the pressure decay leaking test, a water pipe or tank is filled with air until the damaged portion is not highlighted. After filling it with air, it is immersed into a water tank to find the part from which leakage is going on.

2. Linear leak testing method

The leak testing of a non-destructive container is done in the linear leak testing method. It varies according to the shape, size, and weight of that water container. Linear leak testing is an inline defensive system that can be used to find the leak.

3. Differential pressure leaking test

In differential pressure leaking, different air pressure is made to enter inside the container and highlight that level of leaking in that container. Multiple tests are done by using different air pressures to completely highlight the leak.

4. Soap bubble test

To highlight the minor leaks on pipes or tanks a soap bubble test is performed. A mixture of soap and bubble is sprayed onto that pipe so it will help in identifying the damaged part from which air is getting escaped.

5. Air vacuuming leaking test

In the air vacuuming leaking test, a vacuum of air is created in the damaged container or tank, so the air vacuum inside it will highlight the damaged part of the container.


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