If you are reading this, it’s likely because you’re about to leave that cute, tiny starter apartment of yours and level up to a bona fide house. From ensuring that everything is clean and sanitized to making sure your air conditioning works correctly, a lot goes into the moving process, and it can all seem overwhelming. Luckily, this guide will walk you through what you need before moving into your first house.

Buy Some Basic Tools

The moving process includes large and small projects, from decorating the new dining room to ensuring each ceiling fan is stable. But no matter how diverse your docket looks, the one thing you will most assuredly need to complete each task is a kit with some basic tools.

You can purchase these affordable tool kits from a wide range of department and home improvement stores. You won’t need anything too fancy, so there’s no shame in keeping things simple. Most starter kits come with a basic set of screwdrivers, a pair of box cutters, measuring tape, and a hammer, at the very least. With an essential toolbox, you can make the moving and setup processes in your new home painless.

Have a First Aid Kit on Hand

Another thing to have available while you’re moving is a decent first aid kit. Accidents happen both during the moving process and after you get settled. During this period, a variety of unpredictable incidences might require a first aid kit. For example, you might cut yourself when unloading glassware or drop a heavy object on your toe. No matter what challenges the move-in brings, you will be glad that you have band-aids, gauze, and an ankle wrap at your immediate disposal.

Surprisingly, even the most basic first aid kits come with a decent selection of band-aids, gauze, and anti-septic, among many other things. Just like starter toolboxes, you can find these first aid kits in most department stores, and should you have an accident where some rubbing alcohol and a band-aid is all that you need, the first aid kit will be there to help you address it.

Find Some Affordable Cleaning Supplies

Of course, there’s a lot of decorating and fixing involved with moving into your first house, but you’ll also have a lot of cleaning to do. This is especially true if you are moving into an older home. Even if the house is clean before your move-in date, you’ll likely find comfort in scrubbing and disinfecting the house yourself.

You don’t need a European vacuum with all the knobs and buttons. Instead, a little bleach, multipurpose spray, a broom, and a sponge should do the trick. These supplies work well because they are cheap and easy to find—two factors that make a world of difference when you’re moving into your first home.

Finding a home that fits you is an exciting experience. That said, it can be overwhelming, so it does help to know what you need before moving into your first house.