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As most homeowners realize, there are areas of the home that may require sprucing up or remodeling after several years of occupancy. Residential remodeling jobs can be difficult and time consuming, although there are effective ways to make the task easier. While the cost of remodeling a large home can quickly add up, loans intended for renovations and remodeling projects may help. The first step in home remodeling should include a thorough assessment of each room. Considering that remodeling the home can increase its value significantly, it is often a good decision. 

When considering the top areas of the home that need remodeling, one should not overlook the basement. Part of remodeling a home should include waterproofing the basement, because water damage can weaken the foundation and cause hazardous growth of mold. Whether the homeowner wishes to have a finished basement to be used as a recreation room, or simply needs to insulate the area, careful planning is necessary. For more elaborate plans, hiring a professional contractor that is licensed and insured is often the best idea. 

Bathroom remodeling may be the most important task any homeowner may accomplish. Having proper plumbing that works efficiently can save the homeowner money and strife later on. The homeowner may not only choose to remodel the bathroom to give it a fresh appearance and design, but to make it more functional as well. Bathroom remodeling jobs may include replacing toilets, sinks and faucets. A bathroom makeover may also include installing new light fixtures, shower head systems and perhaps a jacuzzi or whirlpool spa. 

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common tasks for homeowners. When remodeling the kitchen, many consider painting the walls themselves to save money. In addition, taking down drywall or installing new kitchen cabinets without the help of a professional contractor is another way to cut the expense of remodeling. Flooring can also be installed without professional help, and the easiest options are generally vinyl or tile. Installing hardwood flooring as part of the remodeling project may require some skill, however. Electrical projects may require the expertise of a professional as well. It is best not to attempt rewiring projects without consulting a contractor. 

To save on energy costs, many individuals choose to install energy saving equipment when remodeling their homes. Even a laundry room can be remodeled to save money on electric bills. Installing energy efficient washers and dryers is one method of laundry room remodeling that works for many.