mold on house exterior

Mold benefits the ecosystem since it helps break down biological matter. Mold in your home, however, is anything but beneficial.

The musty smell of mold is offensive, for one thing. Mold can also make your home look awful, for another. Worse, mold can make you sick, especially if someone in your household has health issues that make them susceptible.

Mold buildup in your home is something that needs to be addressed immediately. The longer you wait before taking action to get rid of mold, the worse the problem is going to be.

In most cases, homeowners can go the DIY route when dealing with mold buildup. There are situations, however, when you need help from mold remediation specialists.

So, when should you call for professional help to rid your home of mold?

The Mold Colony Is Too Big and Widespread

If the mold in your home is confined to a small area, say, a couple of square feet, spraying vinegar or bleach on it, and some scrubbing should do the trick.

However, if the mold-stricken area is 10 square feet or bigger, homemade solutions won’t cut it. When mold buildups are that big, there’s also a great chance the fungi have spread behind drywall, sub-flooring, and other spots that are difficult to reach with a simple spray bottle.

You Smell Mold But Can’t Find It

As mentioned above, mold formations give off an unmistakable musty smell. Usually, your nose can lead you to the mold colony’s exact location, allowing you to take prompt action. There are times, however, when mold is hard to find even when the offensive smell permeates the air. That could only mean that mold is lurking somewhere behind the walls, ceilings, and other parts of your home.

When you can’t find mold despite the smell, mold removal professionals can. They have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to pinpoint mold colonies accurately, wherever in your home they may be.

Members Of Your Household Are At High Risk

Does anyone in your family have asthma? What about allergies, especially to mold?

Asthmatic individuals and those who are allergic to mold are at high risk of seeing their condition worsen upon contact with mold spores.

The same goes for anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy, a recipient of an organ transplant, or suffering from HIV because of their weakened immune systems.

The much younger and the elderly members of your household may also be more prone to health issues related to mold.

Your Home May Have Asbestos or Lead

Let’s say you’re doing the mold removal work yourself, even if the affected area is big, or it’s so bad you need to remove parts of the drywall or the ceiling. The effort is laudable, but you might end up disturbing asbestos or lead in the process.

Asbestos causes cancer, specifically mesothelioma. Exposure to high levels of lead, on the other hand, may cause weakness and anemia, damage the kidney and the brain, and in some cases, death.

Since these hazardous materials present a much bigger health risk than mold, it would be better to leave the job to mold remediation professionals, who are trained to remove them safely and effectively.

There Is Structural Damage

Mold feeds on and breaks down organic matter. When mold infests walls, carpeting, wood, and insulation, there is always the risk of the fungi doing its thing on anything organic and ending up compromising the structure of your home.

In case of widespread mold, it would be more prudent to have mold removal specialists do it. You can also consult a structural engineer or a contractor for good measure.

Dealing with mold in your home is a huge undertaking, especially when it’s of the widespread kind. You can always take on the job itself, but hiring a qualified mold remediation company is still your best option.

They use industrial equipment, the most potent cleaning supplies, and their years of training and experience to eradicate mold colonies in your home most quickly and effectively. They will also restore your home to the way it was before the mold infestation and offer advice on what you need to do to keep mold away.

About the Author

Rachel Anderson is the Content Marketing Strategist of Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc., a Phoenix-based company that provides water, fire and smoke damage restoration as well as mold remediation and removal services. When not writing, she plays bowling and goes on trail hikes with her friends.