The following is a guest post:

If you are anything like us, we are sure that you absolutely love your vertical blinds – they have a streamlined modern appearance, they are the perfect accompaniment to any room of the home, and they are available in a wide array of colours and fabrics. When the slats have been subjected to damage (such as a stain or even a breakage), we understand that it can be devastating. The good news is that it is possible to find replacement slats – and here is how!

• The original retail store
: The best place to start on your search for replacement slats is the retail store where you originally bought the vertical blinds. Often, they will have replacement kits that you can purchase or can arrange for replacement slats to be delivered. You might even be surprised to learn that your blinds are still covered under warranty, which means that the replacement could be completely free of charge.

• The manufacturer: 
If the retail store is no longer in business or if you were not the original purchaser of the blinds, you should try to get in contact with the manufacturer. Their name can often be found somewhere on the slats or the operating mechanism. If they have a website, we recommend checking out their spare parts or FAQ section. If they don’t, we recommend giving them a call directly to discuss your issue.

• A window treatment store
: If you are unable to determine the manufacturer of the blinds, the next place you should try is a store that specializes in window treatments. They are often able to source replacement slats and components that are a match to your product. Whilst the slats will be unlikely to be from the same manufacturer, they will still fit and function as required. You might struggle if the store is not overly large.

• Garage sales and markets
: If you have had no luck finding new replacement slats, you might need to begin looking second hand. It is often a good idea to visit garage sales and markets, as they are a treasure trove of bric-a-brac. You might be able to pick up a damaged blind that is a close match to your own; all you need is one or two slats, so it doesn’t matter about the condition of the operating mechanism or most of the slats.

• Online forums and auctions
: Another place that you can search for second hand vertical blinds is online – forums and auctions are often a great way to pick up parts that you require at bargain prices. Websites like Ebay and GumTree are often a great place to start (you can even advertise that you’re looking for something on GumTree), but if they are dead ends you could also start posting in forums to find someone to help.

We hope that finding replacement slats for your vertical blinds is quite simple (now that you know where to look). We recommend that you start at the top of the list and work your way down, as this will give you the best chance at finding a perfect match for your blinds. When you get into second hand territory, you will often be forced to make do with what you find (and this is very rarely a perfect match). Good luck with your search!