Poor plumbing is not just an inconvenience, it’s a proper disaster waiting to strike. First of all, a major flood will cause a ton of damage to your home, possibly even endanger lives (if near electrical sockets and appliances). Second, it could be a cause of odor making both your life within the place unbearable and your chances of selling the place substantially lower. Now, there are two ways you can fix this issue, either by changing your plumbing or by repairing your already-installed system. Here are several factors to help you decide which of the two routes you should take.

The purpose of renovation

The first thing that you need to consider is the very purpose of the renovation. For instance, if you plan to boost the resale value of your home, you might want to go for a full renovation. Why? Well, because the majority of buyers might hire a plumber to do the inspection of the place. This plumber is likely to advise them against investing in the property that will ask for a small fortune in repairs, which is why full renovation is a great idea. For those who intend to keep living here and who deem their plumbing system as fairly decent, a repair might be a better choice.

Make a list

The next thing you need to consider is making a list of everything wrong with your plumbing or, at the very least, everything that could be done better. For instance, you might want to fix leaking pipes, repair the toilet, fix your fixtures and do some additional work. Then, there are some simple projects that could make a massive impact like rerouting plumbing pipes and sewer line blockage cleaning. The reason why this is so important to know is that once you have a list of all that’s there to do, you can start making an equation that will reveal whether it’s more cost-effective to start all over.

Consult professionals

Chances are that in your situation, there’s no choice, to begin with. Instead, what you’re facing is a scenario where making a minor repair can completely rejuvenate your system or a scenario where things will start falling apart if you don’t replace everything. The fact is that you won’t be able to know for sure without a professional inspection and assessment. This is why it’s good to look for industry veterans like Dylsal Plumbing, seeing as how they offer a wide range of services, covering both of these options.

It depends on the age

Keep in mind that if you’ve been meticulous in the upkeep of your system, you can prolong its life for years and years to come. The problem is that there’s always the end-date, the period after which the repairs will no longer give you a satisfactory result. This is why the physical age of your plumbing (which you’ll know by checking when the place was constructed) plays a significant factor. Why engage in an expensive repair if you’ll have to replace the entire system in a year or two? Keep in mind, nonetheless, that this depends on the use, maintenance and the materials that your plumbing system is made of.

In conclusion

While it is true that both plumbing change and plumbing repair can make things better, what you’re looking for is a solution that is more cost-effective. This way, you can ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money’s worth. Still, this also depends on your goals with the place, which could either be an investment in the lifestyle or a boost of resale value.

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