If you have a concrete sinking problem on your hands, you may be deciding how to go about repairing it. There are several methods to repair sunken concrete, but one technique stands out. Keep reading to learn why you should choose concrete lifting foam for concrete slab repairs.

Efficient and Effective Concrete Solution

There are a couple of options you can choose from when it comes to concrete raising. Mudjacking inserts a mud-like mixture below the surface of the concrete to raise and level it. While this method can be suitable for some projects, polyurethane foam raising provides additional benefits. Due to the efficiency of the foam injection and expanding process, foam jacking is quick and effective. The polyurethane foam mixture creates a sturdy lift that will last for years—usually longer than any mudjacking technique.

Stable and Secure

Spray foam surprises many homeowners with its hidden strength. You might not expect an injectable foam to be able to raise the sinking concrete of foundations and driveways, but it can. Polyurethane lifting foam expands to lift and raise sunken concrete, all while being lightweight itself. This helps concrete lifting foam remain secure, as it doesn’t further compact and shift the soil underneath. Moving and compacting soil is a common cause of concrete sinkage in the first place, so minimizing this effect is crucial in your concrete fixes.

Spray Foam Applies to Many Situations

Not only are there various types of insulation materials, but there are also different subcategories of these types. For example, concrete lifting spray foam is different from the spray foam insulation you would put in your attic. The unique formula of concrete lifting spray foam works in various situations, from large-scale projects like raising foundations to smaller ones like fixing cracks in your sidewalk. The strength and expanding nature of polyurethane foam help it act as a solution for small and large jobs alike.

Polyurethane foam jacking is one of the strongest and most efficient methods for performing concrete repairs. Now you know the benefits of choosing concrete lifting foam for repairs. So you can easily make your choice and restore your home’s driveway, foundation, sidewalk, and other concrete issues.