Air duct leakage testing occurs when you perform a test on the ductwork of a home or building. This test finds leaks and issues with airflow within a building. But why is air duct leakage testing important? This article covers the importance of this test, how to tell if you need one, and how they work after you schedule a contractor.

The Importance of Air Duct Leakage Testing

Whether you’re in a home or an office building, an HVAC system with ductwork is likely in place. This system helps generate and carry hot/cold air throughout a building. Poorly maintained or installed air ducts will lead to energy efficiency problems and higher energy bills.

Testing for leaks in your air ducts can help you determine if your home is losing heat or air conditioning. After conducting this test, you can determine the following steps to help correct this issue. This specific test does not necessarily need to be done annually; instead, you can complete it whenever you notice a leak inside your home.

How To Tell If You Need an Air Leakage Test

So, if air duct leakage testing isn’t mandatory or necessary for your home, how are you supposed to determine when to schedule one? Knowing the tell-tale signs that your air ducts are leaking is a great way to see if you should hire a contractor. Anytime you notice a sign, like a spike in your energy bill, it doesn’t hurt to contact a professional service to see if your air ducts are running efficiently. The quicker you catch the issue, the faster you can correct it.

How Does Duct Leakage Testing Work?

Knowing how duct leakage testing works can give you more context on this service’s importance. With two different types of tests, outdoor and total leakage testing, you can decide which one is right for your home and its issues. Typically, a contractor will come to your home and perform the test. Afterward, they will provide you with the results and different steps to take to help improve energy efficiency and fix the air leakage.

Air duct leakage testing is important when you want to improve the efficiency of your home. If you’re installing a new HVAC system or notice problems with your air ducts, hiring a contractor to perform a test doesn’t hurt. Schedule your test today to improve the airflow in your home!