You’ve bought yourself a new home – it’s probably one of the most exciting times of
your life, and rightfully so. If you’re among the few lucky ones, this process went
smoothly and it wasn’t nerve-wracking and stressful at all. But now the inevitable
question presents itself: the dilemma whether you should remodel before or after you
move in? While this question certainly has its pros and cons on both sides, we’re still inclined
to advise you to remodel before you actually move in. Here are some of the reasons

Packing and Unpacking Made Easier
If you opt for a decision to revamp your home after you move in, you’ll definitely
suffer the consequences of having to pack and unpack multiple times. We totally get
that you’re excited and want to start living in your new piece of paradise as soon as

But this comes at a certain price: you’ll need to pack all your stuff to move them to
your new place, and then you’ll have to unpack. Now, let’s say you decide to re-do
your kitchen first – you’ll need to pack everything up again while the kitchen is being
done, and then you’ll have to unpack again after it’s finished. Spare yourself from
this completely unnecessary and annoying routine, and move in only after you’ve
reworked the entire place.

Opt For Clean and Eco-Friendly Materials
Essentially, even if you’re still expressing a doubt between these alternatives –
whether to remodel before or after you move in – you definitely want to choose clean
and eco-friendly materials for your new home. High-quality plastic, like the one that
Plastic Wholesale offers, can be a great choice in this regard. The advantages are
pretty clear – it’s both cheap and easy to maintain. If you’re using these materials
then it really doesn’t make that much of difference if you reconstruct the place before
or after you move in.

These new-generation materials especially come in handy if you’re moving into an
older house or apartment. You can use them for various different things: from home
decking to floors and walls protection, roofing membranes and other architectural

Avoid Potentially Dangerous Polluters That Are Health Hazards
Most of the people want to paint the walls afresh and redo flooring installation and
refinishing when they buy a new home. And although this is a great idea overall, it
can suddenly turn into a poor one if you decide to do these things while you’re
actually living inside the area.

You’d want to avoid the potential indoor air pollution at all costs. There are many
volatile organic chemicals that are a byproduct of most paints, and you definitely
don’t want to breath those in. On top of that, if you’re re-doing the floors while living
inside the place, you’re also putting your health at danger since there are things like
dirt, debris, fumes, and smog all contaminating the air.

Shorter Construction Time
In case you have an option to stay somewhere else until you move into your new
place, you want to take advantage of it for at least one more reason: the period of
time that the construction workers will spend renovating your home is usually shorter
when you and your family members are not around.

If you can afford to renovate all at once, you’ll surely save some of your precious
time. Not to mention that you’ll also feel significantly less stressed out since no one
will mess with your everyday routines and habits.

We gave you some of the pros and cons of moving in right away/ waiting until all the
remodeling projects are completed. Although we are pretty adamant in our belief that
you should consider revamping your place before you actually move in, there are
also things that are safe and alright to do when you and your family members are

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