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The world may be getting hotter with each passing year, but we’d be alright as long as we have air conditioning units to keep us cool, right?

The problem is, AC units only make the world hotter. After all, air conditioning keeps us cool by funneling warm air out of the room or building. The HFCs or hydrofluorocarbons they use also happen to be greenhouse gases that make global warming worse. Still, we need to keep cool while indoors, or we’re going to have health problems that the heat typically brings.

But what about outside our home? The heat can get really harsh, especially during the summer, but we don’t want to spend the entire season indoors with the AC going full blast.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep cool outdoors. It’s called a fog misting system, and here are reasons why you should have one at home.

No Greenhouse Gases Required

Unlike air conditioning units, fog misting systems don’t need to use HFCs to keep you cool. The entire system instead cools everyone by spraying a given area a fine mist of water droplets, produced by forcing water out of special nozzles at high pressure.

The fine mist is capable of cooling a given area fast, all without HFCs or transferring heat from one place to another as an AC unit does.

So if you love lounging at your patio or deck, you will surely appreciate the way a fog misting system works even on a sweltering summer day while you’re outside with your head buried in a book.

It Can Cool The Basement

It’s not practical to have an AC unit running in the basement, but it can get awfully warm down there. A fog misting system should be able to cool the basement without sending your power bills sky-high.

It’s A Good Air Scrubber

The air we breathe is full of dust, allergens, and particulate matter that send us into sneezing fits, or worse, make us sick. Fortunately, a fog misting system can help take them all out of the air. The mist such a system produces acts as an air scrubber and renders the atmosphere more breathable.

So if you or any member of your family has allergies or asthma, a fog misting system should make spending time in the backyard or lawn more enjoyable.

No-Fly Zone For Insects

Are there bugs aplenty in your outdoor area, especially in the evenings? A fog misting system can take care of them for you. With the mist of water droplets hanging in the air in regular intervals, mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs will instinctively steer clear of it. As long as you stay within the misting system’s coverage area, flying insects won’t be bugging you at all.

It’s Not Just For Home Use

Misting systems have been around for years, and their use wasn’t exclusive to homes. Many shopping malls have been using them for some time now. The same goes for farms, as the mist helps keep their produce fresh. Misting systems are also commonly used in sports arenas, barns, and stables.

So if you have a shop or a restaurant with an outdoor area, you can opt to install a fog misting system there, too.

It’s A Cheaper Alternative

Staying indoors to keep cool with the help of the AC unit is a great idea when the temperature rises. However, keep in mind that using the air conditioning all the time will make your utility bills rise to previously-unknown heights, too. In case you’ve forgotten, AC units use a lot of electricity. The more frequently you use it, the higher your power bills will be.

Fog misting systems, on the other hand, use way much less electricity than an AC unit. You can spend an entire day in the backyard and keep cool without worrying about an astronomical electric bill every month.

These are just some of the reasons why you should install a fog misting system. You can have a full setup done, or you can just go for the portable version. Either way, you get to keep cool without having to spend a lot of money on electricity, and in a much greener way, too!

About the Author   Anna Fox is the Content Marketing Strategist of Señor Mist, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that provides high pressure misting systems/fog effects, comfort heaters, patio drop shades, hvls fans and more. When not writing, she makes use of her spare time reading books and hiking with her dog, Blaze.